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industry data models database answers - this page shows a list of our industry specific data models in 50 categories that cover subject areas and are used to create enterprise data models, 100 data science interview questions and answers general - in collaboration with data scientists industry experts and top counsellors we have put together a list of general data science interview questions and answers to help you with your preparation in applying for data science jobs, sql data modelling draft quote order invoice stack - ok i understand think i misunderstood the reason for why i added order date in the subtype is that i wanted quote order invoice date to be different from each other i also thought that statement was the same for all quotes orders invoices, good place to look for example database designs best - i have been given the task to design a database to store a lot of information for our company because the task is rather big and contains multiple modules where users should be able to do stuff i m worried about designing a good data model for this, what are some good resources for learning r quora - statistics with interactive r learning swirl the easiest and the most interactive way to start learning r i understand there are many data science analytics enthusiasts out there trying to get into this field but are having hard time learning the relevant tools, data modeling interview questions geekinterview com - we already have a database structure but it is the structure without normalization and very confused and in need of change but already has a large volume of stored data for example all financial data company which finance department officials are afraid of losing, tutorials for learning r r bloggers - r packages are the fuel that drive the growth and popularity of r r packages are bundles of code data documentation and tests that are easy to share with others before you can use a package you will first have to install it some packages like the base package are automatically installed when you install r other packages like for example the ggplot2 package won t come with the, so you are working on a machine learning problem - so you re working on a machine learning problem i want to really nail down where you re at right now so you have a problem that you need to solve maybe it s your problem an idea you have a question or something you want to address or maybe it is a problem that was provided to you by, healthcare ai open source machine learning for healthcare - machine learning for healthcare just got a whole lot easier the healthcare ai software is designed to streamline healthcare machine learning they do this by including functionality specific to healthcare as well as simplifying the workflow of creating and deploying models, infiniteconf 2018 the conference on big data and ai - artificial intelligence is having a dramatic impact on all industries and improving productivity at an exponential rate big data is transforming almost every aspect of science and the humanities driven by the emergence of a data society, orange data mining compare reviews features pricing in - orange is an open source data visualization and analysis tool where data mining is done through visual programming or python scripting the tool has components for machine learning add ons for bioinformatics and text mining and it is packed with features for data analytics, tableau interview questions and answers for 2018 intellipaat - here we have compiled some of the most asked tableau interview questions in the corporate world you will learn about tableau filters aggregation disaggregation of data tableau joins data blending advantages of tableau over other bi tools tableau field maps integration of tableau with r and more learn tableau from intellipaat tableau training and excel in your career, multi channel attribution modeling the good bad and ugly - there are few things more complicated in analytics all analytics big data and huge data than multi channel attribution modeling we have fought valiant battles paid expensive consultants purchased a crazy amount of software and achieved an implementation high that is quickly followed by a, sds 081 data visualization how to freelance your - subscribe on itunes stitcher radio or tunein if you are interested in the more creative aspects of data science while still maintaining a strong focus on the technical challenges data visualisation might be the path to follow, a data science big mechanism for darpa semanticommunity info - introduction cshals is the premier annual event focused on the practical application of semantic web and other semantic technologies to problems in the life sciences including pharmaceutical industry and related areas such as hospitals healthcare institutions and academic research labs, malnutrition in children unicef data - nearly half of all deaths in children under 5 are attributable to undernutrition translating into the loss of about 3 million young lives a year, tableau tutorial introduction to data visualization tools - when you talk about data visualization the first word that comes to your mind is tableau i am guessing that s why you might be here reading this tableau tutorial because you have heard about the advantages of tableau