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body language for dummies elizabeth kuhnke 9781119067399 - the complete guide to mastering the art of effective bodylanguage body language for dummies is your ideal guide tounderstanding other people and helping them understand you bodylanguage is a critical component of good communication and oftenconveys a bigger message than the words you say, reading your parrot s body language dummies - learning to recognize your parrot s healthy body language will help you know when he is feeling fine or when he s ill as well as when he wants attention or food it will also help you avoid receiving a nasty bite most parrots are an open book in terms of body language once you know the, body language and business etiquette dummies - body language can make or break a deal how you carry yourself when engaged in conversation is often as important as what you say body language is nonverbal but it communicates volumes about you nonetheless with almost infinite symbolic interpretations for body language no wonder people are, the complete idiot s guide to body language peter - peter andersen ph d is a tenured professor in the school of communication at san diego state university he has authored hundreds of book chapters research papers and journal articles related to body language and non verbal communication